Rui Sun

Earth& Environmental Science; Public Policy
fall 2021
team lead:

The most passionate goal in my life is to make my best effort to contribute to sustainability and address climate change. To achieve this, I studied Earth and Environmental Science during my undergraduate for understanding the mechanism of nature, climate patterns and potential solutions that could be implied to add resiliency or mitigate climate change impacts on humans. I also pursued a sustainability minor, to better tackle the problem from an anthropogenic perspective, with a focus on how socio-economic, environmental, and political factors act as drivers which drive sustainable development in businesses and industries, and create financial value. I joined VOIZ since I love the idea of GEN Z contributing their voices to corporate sustainability, plus I can gain practical experience and understanding on corporate social responsibility, supply chain management approaches. By researching, analyzing and dig deep into the environmental, social and governance factors, I identifies the areas where they do great as well as the areas they need to improve by applying a sustainability lens that constantly evolving, and make recommendations on a product-specific basis.

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