Pratik Parihar

Environmental Engineering
Summer 2021
team lead:

Hey Everyone, I am Pratik Parihar - a master's student majoring in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University, New York. I believe actions speak louder than words and that change starts with YOU. We're all waiting for governments or large corporations to do something about Environmental Conservation - but these are made up of individuals - and their journey starts with themselves. A connoisseur of everything green (the planet, salads, plants) and a lover of aesthetics, I have always seen the world in color. As an engineer in the 21st century, I have grown up watching the colors of the world change from greens blues to the dullest of concrete greys. So, I am learning Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Sustainability and ready to make a lean impact for our society. Having worked for various companies affiliated with UNESCO, UNICEF and working with one of the largest environmental organizations in the U.S, I also have now joined Voiz to finally make the world (aesthetically, and literally) green once more.

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