Poppy Stott

jr sustainability analyst programme
Summer 2021
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Hi, my name is Poppy Stott, and I am currently in year 12 studying Geography, History and Fine Art; after year 13 I am planning to study Politics and International Relations – where politics and the interconnections between countries portrays somewhere that my interest in sustainability and climate change can effectively link to. I am especially interested in the global political side of climate change and sustainability, now that it is finally seen as a massive problem in our society; mainly looking at how international relations, democratic unions and governments pursue certain goals, such as the UN’s sustainable development goals. I joined Voiz because the opportunity to research and develop a cognitive opinion on the impacts of unsustainability and climate change was an opportunity in which I could not refuse. Voiz has allowed me to explore the hidden details behind the real sustainability of different brands, companies, and the actions of governments, which are so key in finding ways to be more sustainable in the future.

Windsor and Newton Acrylic Paint

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Poppy Stott