Nicholas DuFrene Schwarzbeck

Victoria Robbins School
Summer 2022
team lead:

Hi everyone! My name is Nicholas DuFrene Schwarzbeck and I am currently a rising senior residing in San Miguel de Allende, in the highlands of central Mexico. From my earliest days, I spent my summers on Nootka Island in British Columbia. Living on the Island, I had the opportunity to experience wildlife up close and nature unspoiled by humans in contrast to my early childhood growing up in the bustling city of Seattle. I have always been passionate about the environment and pride myself on being curious and action oriented. I strive to support stopping/slowing down the effects of climate change. In my attempts to learn more, I realized the current climate change informational sites are more tailored for professionals vs. students. To solve for this, I created Climate Connect as my attempt to make a difference. Joining VOIZ has shaped my perspective and given me the opportunity to learn about how companies can become more accountable and sustainable. In my free time, I love to write, play chess and I can be found hiking in the local mountains.

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