Naman Sheth

Environmental Sciences
Summer 2021
team lead:

Hey everyone! my names Naman and I go to University of California, Riverside. I was inspired to pursue this career and in general find a passion in sustainability and the environment in high school. My freshmen science teacher was teaching environmental science one semester and she opened up my eyes to the devastating impact we are having on our world and the urgent need to change. I have always been a lover of the outdoors since I was a kid and that hasn’t change as it is still one of my many passions. When I started at UCR I got the chance to be part of some amazing clubs and programs as well as connecting with like-minded people who shared the same passions. A highlight definitely was being apart of a research team that conducted an analysis on waste around UCR and I got the chance to collect data and report it. Outside of my school life I am an avid lover of all things music, Tv shows, and movies and am passionate in general about the arts and music. I also love astronomy and I am an avid astronomer(really just an avid scientist cause I love science in general) as well as running, hiking, and video games.

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Naman Sheth