Margeaux Fortin

University of Michigan
Information Analysis
Spring 2021
team lead:

Hey guys! My name is Margeaux Fortin, and I’m a Junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Information Analysis and minoring in Business and Entrepreneurship. I have been passionate about entrepreneurship and how it can be used to better the world since high school when my sister and I co-founded a company in Ghana to help uplift underemployed Ghanaian women with work and American wages. Since then I have worked at a venture-backed NYC startup, where I realized I needed to work for my passion, sustainable food (a passion of mine since becoming vegan in middle school). The following summer I worked for the Good Food Institute and helped a plant-based snack company raise capital to expand its retail presence. From these experiences and my deep passion for helping to eliminate animal products from our food systems, I have recently decided to pursue a career in sustainable CPG venture capital. I hope to be a part of the wave of new investors backing the sustainable food companies that we need for our future. In my free time, I am a passionate cook who loves making meals for friends and family to open their eyes to how good vegan food can be. Through Voiz I am excited to meet like-minded people from around the world and to learn how to truly dive into and evaluate the sustainability of products!

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