Louie Roberts

summer 2022
team lead:

Hey everyone! My name is Louie and I am a recent graduate from Cambridge University. I studied (Human) Geography, a multidisciplinary degree which explores social, political and economic inequalities. I have lived most my life just north of London but will be moving to Munich later this year for a full-time Consulting role. Having researched the tokenisation of carbon credits for my dissertation, I am thrilled to be further researching Web3 sustainability with VoizDAO. I don’t regard humans to be parasitic, but rather our economic systems of coordination. With current ESG tools failing to shift corporations into gear, it is pivotal that we reimagine ESG standards to drive genuine change at the speed and scale necessary to prevent planetary catastrophe. I am incredibly excited to support VoizDAO in building on this critical work, designing and employing new rating mechanisms for blockchain projects, to drive the delivery of Web3’s promises of a more liveable world.

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