Gloria Wu

Human Geography with Social Data Science
summer 2022
team lead:

Hi everyone! I am Gloria studying BA Human Geography with Social Data Science at UCL. I will start a master program this autumn specialising in Urban Studies. I am passionate about humans, environment and their intersections. I believe the ever-expanding urban areas play a key role in sustainable development and climate change and I am excited to explore how cities can be made more sustainable, diverse and equal for both the current and future residents. The diverse range of actors/stakeholders involved in urban areas also makes it an ideal place for coordination of resources and cooperation among different parties, which I think is essential for constructing a sustainable future. I am also interested to learn how technology can help the sustainable transition of cities and I can't help to visioning the smart solarpunk cities ahead. During my free time, I love hiking, running, going to museums and reading books. I am always open to connect with new friends and feel free to drop me a message in social media!

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