Felicia Istrati

Stockholm School of Eonomics
Economics and Business
Spring 2021
team lead:

Hey there! My name is Felicia and I am from Moldova. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, and I wrote my bachelor thesis on circular fashion. As a result, I got interested in sustainability at large, although fashion holds a special place in my heart. Having left my home country at age 16 to study in the UK, my worldview expanded massively, and I haven’t stopped moving around since, adding Latvia and France to my list of “hometowns.” These experiences taught me to stay curious, see the bigger picture and empathize with people from various backgrounds, an approach that I’ve found crucial in the context of sustainability. To me, the most fascinating aspects in the shift towards sustainability remains the way in which it is communicated, which is why I see Voiz as a friendly channel to deliver important messages to consumers while keeping companies accountable. Long walks in nature, books and music give me life.

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