Elizabeth Ireland

summer 2022
team lead:

Hi there! I am a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh where I studied Psychology. I have been aware of the climate crisis for several years but due to increasing eco-anxiety, I attempted to ignore it. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made the issues associated with the climate more noticeable. I realised that the best way to overcome this eco-anxiety I was feeling was by being actively involved in minimising the effects of climate change the best way I could. Thus, I volunteered at COP26 and joined a society at my university focusing on making students aware of the problems we face and how people can help at an individual level. Being involved in these activities has made the climate crisis less daunting and has shown me a community of similar-minded people committed to making change, this is what also initially interested me to Voiz. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking, running and having fun with my friends and family.

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