Ben Shorb

Summer 2022
team lead:

Hey everyone! My name is Benjamin Shorb, but I tend to go by Ben. Initially, I am from Washington, D.C., but I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I am a sophomore at The University of Denver pursuing a major in Psychology, with intended minors in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. My professional experience lies primarily in marketing, including work in UI, UX, project development, social media content creation and management, and team leadership. I am particularly interested in how Web3 technology, such as DAOs, will be able to support our planet and promote a more sustainable future. I love conducting research, whether it be in the psychology lab at DU or on my own. I am passionate about meeting new people within the field of Web3 technology and beyond. I am excited for all that is to come at the nexus of cryptocurrency and sustainability and am grateful to be a part of the Voiz Dao Web3 cohort. On a more personal level, I enjoy hiking in the Rockies, attending concerts at Red Rocks, fishing, running, and embarking on road trips. I love to explore, especially travel that involves camping in national parks and beyond.

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