Anu Munkhsaikhan

Minerva University
Environmental Science and Business
spring 2022
team lead:

Hello! My name is Anu. I’m a senior at Minerva University studying environmental science and brand management. I’m pursuing a career in design, hoping to use design as a tool to solve the pressing environmental and social problems we face today. I love design because we can see design choices in business models, economic structures, everyday products, and pretty much everything around us. It makes me hopeful that we have the power to become the designers of the change we want to make in the world. As part of my university program, I have lived in the UK, Korea, India, Germany, and the US. I learned to appreciate diverse cultures and understand how global problems like climate change are localized in smaller communities. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, making music, baking, thrifting, and skateboarding. I’m excited to join Voiz so that I can learn to analyze the impact of corporate design choices and be part of a community that deeply cares about the planet and people.

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