Antonio Catanzarite

Environmental Systems - Environmental Policy
Fall 2021
team lead:

I’m a first year student at UCSD majoring in Environmental Policy. I grew up in Palm Desert California surrounded by desert environments and going to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. At age six, I could walk up to any enclosure and identify the animal inside. I even gave a few names like a pet. Today’s extinction rate is hundreds–possibly thousands–of times higher than the natural baseline. A Washington Post poll reveals only 67% of Americans consider climate change seriously threatening. Failures today can rob future generations. I want to shift public opinion so sustainability is the first issue Americans identify when asked “What is the most significant challenge society faces today?”. Although human intervention can damage the environment, we can also reverse our negative influence through legislation and I look forward to contributing to that world in the future. Some hobbies I enjoy include swimming, water polo, theater, playing Nintendo with my buds and learning how to play the ukulele. This is my first year as a part of Voiz and am excited to continue my contributions for the remainder of my undergraduate education.

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