Alexis Marot-Achillas

Summer 2022
team lead:

Hey there! I'm Alexis from Paris. I have multicultural roots from living abroad: New York city, Santiago de Chile and London where I graduated from King's reading Business & Spanish. I have a keen interest in the emerging Web3 economy and the way it can rewire our current financial system. Drawing from my previous experiences in the digital asset space - institutional trading & real asset tokenisation, I am now exploring the Venture Capital world. The Regenerative Finance space (ReFi), bringing carbon offsets on-chain - really attracts me! When I’m not working, I usually go for an early morning run to kickstart my day. In the weekends, I divide my time between reading, catching up with friends and outdoor activities. I feel privileged to be part of the very first cohort of Web3 analysts at VoizDAO. An inspiring mission to steer the world towards a more sustainable path. It's a global community of students from a diverse set of backgrounds looking to make a positive impact for our planet. Solarpunks, let's unite to build a better future!

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