What happens in the ocean, stays in the ocean


Elena Konstanty

This or That

July 20, 2021

Like with many other products, we have to consider whether what we buy is sustainable and how it might affect our environment. Even more so if we are using it in places such as the ocean! So if you’re a surfer and hopefully an ocean lover keep reading as to why it's so important to choose sustainable surf wax.

Disclaimer: It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro surfer or a beginner, everyone needs to be aware of what they are using and how it affects the system they are ultimately putting it into.

When it comes to surf wax the Mr. Zog’s Original Sex Wax scored a mere 0.5/3 planets in our sustainability reviews because it is made of 100% paraffin wax. This type of ingredient is a petrochemical that is sourced from crude oil and therefore involves large amounts of greenhouse emissions during its sourcing and manufacture; the crude oil is extracted from the ground and chemically separated into different components. The main reason why we don't support this brand and instead recommend ones that use beeswax or coconut oil is because this wax is only non-toxic to humans NOT marine life. But what does this mean?

Essentially, surf wax that contains petrochemicals is non-biodegradable and thus pollutes the oceans it comes in contact with. As if that wasn’t enough, if can also be mistakenly ingesting by marine life and harm them due to its chemical toxicity.

This is NOT sustainable.

However, that doesn't mean you have to stop surfing! Products such as “Yew! Your Environment’s Wax” make it possible to surf sustainably. Not only is the surf wax paraffin-free and mostly made from beeswax, it also supports the fight to save the bees! The wax is sustainably obtained from beekeepers that are helping bee colonies survive and is locally sourced in the U.S.. That means they're not just helping save the bees but also the ocean!

Killing two birds with one stone, all whilst being sustainable... a well deserved 3/3 planets if you ask me.


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