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Elena Konstanty

Excuse me. What?

June 21, 2021

All that is wrong with the food industry can often be best understood through pre-made meals. Of course these products have their appeals… they're fast, cheap and easy.

But are they good for the planet? Simply put, they are not.

When looking at a number of our sustainable reviews on pre-made foods it becomes clear that many of the popular products are not the most sustainable ones. Take Cheez-It, Totino’s pizza rolls, Kraft mac n cheese and the student favourite Maggi 2-minute noodles for example. All of these products score rather low in our reviews because of their unsustainable practices.

Especially the contents and manufacture of these ultra processed foods are what is most concerning.

In order to produce these comfort foods non-organic soy and palm oil are used. If you are unaware: these ingredients and the way in which they are harvested requires the destruction of the environment. Areas of rainforests are levelled to the size of Germany, animals are killed and indigenous communities are displaced. This is NOT acceptable.

The food industry needs to realise that their meal is more than just the final product. It has to be sourced and manufactured, so it is time for them to care about the ingredients that they choose.

Ethical and sustainable methods are the bare minimum. We expect more.

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