Wait sustainability isn’t just a PR stunt?


Elena Konstanty

Excuse me. What?

June 18, 2021

While this might be hard to accept for the companies that indulge in the capitalistic culture of consumerism, sustainability is not something you can just wave around for the purpose of profit and misleading the public.

Pretending to be sustainable DOES NOT cut it.

Olive promotes their shopping package material as ‘almost entirely’ recycled. It's actually impressive, how well they managed to conceal their greenwashing with a carefully curated choice of words. Surely ‘entirely’ would mean that ALL of the material is made from recycled plastic, pallets and cups, but then again almost is enough... right? Unfortunately, there is hardly any information available to confirm whether or not the material is almost entirely made from recycled materials because the manufacturing processes, practices and locations aren’t openly available.

This simply has to change.

But don’t fret… sustainability can be exploited in so many other more fun ways! For example, a company like Olive can brand itself as sustainable while the companies it works with such as Adidas, Urban Outfitters etc. don’t have to brand themselves as such. How convenient.

Nevertheless, the misuse of sustainability shouldn’t be too surprising considering that Nathan Faust, founder of Olive, sold his original company Jet to Walmart (notoriously known for its unsustainability). In fact he did not only have business with them, but acted as a vice president in Walmart for a time being.

Now, we understand that Walmart is a different company, but would a person who stands for sustainability really work for a brand that is clearly against or exploiting it?

Nathan Faust is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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