Voicing Our Concern For Outdoor Voices


Taylor Ford

Excuse me. What?

July 1, 2021

My friend recommended this dress last summer. She COULD NOT stop raving about it: the perfect everyday dress that you can just throw on, it’s so comfortable AND it’s made by a “sustainable” company, I was immediately intrigued. I quickly skimmed over their website and thought: they seem to care about sustainability and I’ve heard good things about the quality, so I’m gonna get it. And I did. 

I have to admit. I love this dress, I literally wear it at least two times a week (yes I do my laundry twice a week... ok that’s a BIG lie). My friend was not exaggerating when she claimed how much she loved it, and I truly thought I was buying a great, sustainable product... but then I saw this review and thought to myself: did I get green-washed? 

The original exercise dress by Outdoor Voices is made of two materials: nylon and spandex. Not one, but BOTH of these materials are some of the MOST unsustainable on the market. Both of these materials require the use of coal and crude oil as well as extensive amounts of water and energy.... ummmm wtf?! I don’t understand how a company can charge 100 USD for a dress, claim to care about sustainability, and then use these raw materials in their most popular product... it literally makes no sense to me. 

Outdoor Voices defense for the use of these unsustainable materials is that they are focused on the longevity of the items. This dress is certainly not going to start deteriorating on your body (like some fast fashion products do), which is great, BUT there are so many other companies that can reproduce that effect with sustainable materials. There truly is no excuse. 

Outdoor Voices seems to have good intentions when it comes to sustainability, but they need to turn those intentions into action to truly be considered a sustainable company.  

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