Two Reviews. Same Company. Different Ratings.


Taylor Ford

This or That

August 3, 2021

Two reviews, different products, different ratings, same company... which one is more accurate?

The Earthling Co. is creating reusable and sustainable alternatives to everyday single-use/plastic items. These reviews by Kat and myself highlight very different aspects of the company and, therefore, have very different ratings (Kat gave them a 2.88 while I gave them a 1.5).

The Earthling Co. makes a wide range of products from hair and skincare items to household items such as soap dishes, produce bags, toothbrushes, and even pet shampoo!

Kat’s review goes in-depth about all the good things the company is doing- all of their products are plastic-free and reusable, their packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, and they are manufactured in the US! What could possibly be wrong!?

I had to burst that bubble in my review of their reusable cotton rounds: just because products are manufactured in the US doesn’t mean they get all their raw ingredients from the US. The only real option a company has to get bamboo is from China. Sourcing raw materials from China means it has to be shipped to the US, significantly contributing to carbon emissions.

Not only that, but The Earthling Co. is not transparent about where they source their ingredients and how they treat their workers, which I knocked them down heavily for.

Another aspect that differentiates our reviews is our approach to charitable donations. While Kat finds their dedication to different charities highly admirable, I am a bit more skeptical.

I admire charitable donations, but I always want to see a company work internally to be more sustainable rather than just outsourcing that responsibility.

So, which review is more accurate?

The answer is both!

The Earthling Co. has some great sustainable alternatives to everyday products. There are so many companies claiming to be “plastic-free by 2022” yet making no real effort to make that happen, so it’s a big sigh of relief to see The Earthling Co. stick with the plastic-free products.

Kat’s review really made me admire what The Earthling Co. is trying to do, but I’ll still always be just a little bit skeptical.

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