Tim, these headphones need improvement


Lauren Stiles

DM the CEO

July 31, 2021

Dear Tim Cook of Apple (which owns Beats by Dre),

Please work harder to make your products safe and sustainable. And you should really let us know when and how you are going to do so. In the meantime, do tell us more about your practices in general. We want to know more!

Based on what we DO know, you aren’t doing nearly enough. Let’s begin with the materials used in your Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones: artificial leather, PVC, and silicone. Artificial leather is derived from oil, requires an enormous amount of energy to produce, and releases carcinogens into the water and air. PVC is a hard plastic that is made from fossil fuels and contains lead, phthalates, and cadmium which are dangerous to human health. Silicone is quite difficult to recycle.

Tim, did you know this about the materials that you produce? If so, I hope you are working on finding alternatives.

I also want to ask, did you consider the health of the people who make the materials for your products? I would like to think that you did and that the factories you source from have ethical practices, though a lack of information regarding sourcing makes you think that you are hiding something. We know that it costs $14 to make these headphones that you sell for hundreds of dollars. Does any of this profit support your workers? It would be great if you could give us more information on this topic, thanks!

Tim, we need you to do more. As CEO of Apple, you have a lot of influence. Your company causes a lot of environmental damage, by means of production, transport, and by sheer number of your products that end up in the landfill due to planned obsolescence. Now is your chance to radically change your practices and transparency issues.

Yours Sincerely,
Generation Z


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