The Science x Beauty Collaboration We’ve All Been Waiting For!


Taylor Ford

Sustainability 101

June 7, 2021

The switch from animal to plant-based products is on the rise, and Biossance is stepping up to the plate with their 100% plant-based Squalane Oil. So what exactly is Squalane oil? Let me tell you!

Firstly, let’s make it clear that squalane oil is derived from a naturally occurring oil with the similar name, Squalene (don’t worry, we get these names mixed up too!). 

In humans, Squalene acts as a moisturizer for the hair, skin, and nails, giving us that much desired soft and glowy look. Unfortunately, as we get older our bodies begin to produce less and less, leading dermatologists to recommend the oil as an anti-aging remedy. Squalane is often confused with Squalene, considering they’re only one letter off, but Squalane is actually the hydrogenated version of Squalene. Squalene is subject to oxidation, meaning it loses all of its benefits relatively quickly. Squalane is much more stable and can last a long time which is obviously desirable for a beauty product you’re gonna use for months.  

Now that we know what Squalane is, where does it come from? 

Originally, Squalane was derived from Squalene in SHARK LIVER. Sharks are absolutely vital to ocean life and considering they are already endangered due to human activity, the planet cannot afford to wipe them clean for a skincare product. This is where the beauty in science really gets to shine! Biossance’s Squalane Oil is ethically sourced from 100% sugarcane. This hydrator is a “molecular match” for the moisture already a part of our skin, making it incredibly effective while also saving 2 MILLION sharks per year. 

Isn’t that amazing?! 

This product by Biossance shows how science could be the key to true sustainability and saving our ocean friends!

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