The notorious dilemma of transparency


Elena Konstanty

DM the CEO

June 21, 2021

Dear Simon Enever, Bill May and Quip,

We are writing you this message today to let you know: TRANSPARENCY IS KEY.

We know that every company will have its secrets and want to keep certain elements about their newest product behind closed doors. But we are here to give you a subtle reality check: a zero transparency policy for your manufacturing process and material sourcing will NOT help you win over anybody. Why, you might ask? Because consumers are starting to ask themselves questions about the products they buy and how sustainable they are.

Sustainability does not happen without transparency. It’s as simple as that.

Keeping the public in the dark about where you get your resources from, how they are processed, where your ‘sustainable’ toothbrush is made and what energy sources you are using during manufacture does more harm than good. Stating ‘we are always looking to reduce our industry’s environmental impact’ is NOT enough. This creates distrust and unnecessary misunderstandings, making us question if Quip is really using sustainable methods or if you are using the zero transparency policy as a smokescreen to avoid criticism. We, as Generation Z, are telling you that you are merely adding fuel to the fire.

Better come clean now than later.

The attached article by the Guardian might help you understand why it is so important to keep the conversation going between businesses and consumers. At the end of the day we all live on this earth and your actions will affect your own future just as much as it will affect ours.,their%20products%2C%20throughout%20their%20lifecycle.

All the best,
Generation Z

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