The Happiest Place on Earth?


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

August 3, 2021

Dear Disney and Bob Chapek,

You market yourself as “The Happiest Place on Earth” yet consistently harm the environment and your employees.

Just because you are a billion-dollar corporation does not exclude you from sustainability. It makes your involvement even more imperative.

I have to admit; you do have ambitious goals for Disneyland, such as serving responsibly sourced seafood by 2022, becoming carbon neutral, and having zero landfill waste by 2030. However, I have seen so many companies repeatedly set these ambitious goals and either don’t meet them or sneakily continue to push them back, simply because they don’t care about sustainability. They only care to save face. Considering how energy-intensive Disneyland is and that there has been no real action to meet these ambitious goals, I don’t see any exception here.

The only thing you guys have done so far is keep your water use constant since 2013. Considering Disneyland is located in the drought-prone state of California, this goal no longer holds up and needs to be a lot more ambitious. How does decreasing water consumption sound?

This isn’t even the beginning of the long list of issues with Disneyland. The Disney corporation has been accused countless times of unjust labor practices. This is evident by the fact that 1/10th of Disneyland employees were homeless at some point during their time working for Disney, and 2/3rds not making enough money to eat three meals a day. Call me radical, but if someone works 40+ hours a week, they should be able to afford a house and food, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Mr. Chapek, there are some serious issues within your company that must be addressed. Disney is a multi-billion dollar company, so I think you’ll find it pretty easy to budget sustainable technology, ethically sourced food/ clothing, and living wages for your workers.

Gen Z

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