Sustainable Products From A Unsustainable Company


Taylor Ford

Sustainability 101

August 3, 2021

As we know, the world of sustainability is very nuanced. Something interesting that comes along with that is that a product can be considered “sustainable” (especially compared to its alternative) but can still be made by an unsustainable company.

A vague example of this is reusable water bottles. Obviously, a reusable water bottle that lasts a lifetime is 100x more sustainable than a single-use plastic water bottle. But, if the company that makes those reusable water bottles lacks transparency, doesn’t treat their workers well, or uses harmful materials to make those bottles, they’re not a sustainable company.

Sometimes, it really is just the nature of the product rather than anything special the company is doing to be sustainable, and this is the case with Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil.

The only ingredient is jojoba oil, none of that extra crap that harms people or the environment. Jojoba oil has several different uses: it’s a makeup remover, a cleanser, a moisturizer, it can even be used in your hair! It’s kind of a catch-all skin and hair care product that you can just have lying around.

Jojoba is a drought-resistant plant, and if a plant can survive a drought, it obviously doesn’t require a lot of water to keep it alive. Due to its multi-purpose use, it’s a great product to buy if you’re looking to live more sustainably! Imagine buying one product to remove makeup, one product to moisturize, etc., etc. That’s A LOT of waste going into the trash every year (not to mention the amount of money you would spend on different products).

Long story short, jojoba oil is pretty sustainable for what it is. Trader Joe’s on the other hand... not so much.

Trader Joe’s is a classic case of green-washing, using key-works such as “organic!” or “plastic-free!” yet still refusing to be transparent about their supply chains and continuing to use hydrofluorocarbons despite public outcry to stop. Yet another time I have to say: disappointed but not surprised.

If you’re interested in buying yourself some jojoba oil (I know I am!), definitely do some research into other companies that actually care about sustainability.

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