stick to your roots


Brian Oh

DM the CEO

July 11, 2021

Dear Rareform and Mr. Avedissian,

Your company started from small beginnings with a focus on being sustainable reusing old billboards, highlighting growing artists, and promoting awareness of issues such as mental health.

In more recent years, with the growth of your brand, helped by a Shark Tank appearance, has seen the company begin to collaborate with seriously unsustainable brands such as Coca-Cola. The materials that your bags use are great and help to upcycle these materials avoiding the landfill, however there has been a lack of transparency with your production process and a lack of sustainability initiatives.

While all the materials are collected in California, they are shipped off overseas to Mexico and China to sew these bags highly increasing its environmental footprint. Rareform has failed to address this issue and it is not easily found on their website making it seem like there is something to hide. There are claims that each production factory is audited for fair, safe and ethical working conditions, but without any certifications or proof of this it is hard to believe their claims.

Going forward, Rareform needs to take a look back at their own roots to upcycle waste and become more transparent as well as making more efforts to make their production more sustainable.

All the best,
Generation Z 

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