Rareform: and it started off so good...


Elena Konstanty

DM the CEO

July 8, 2021

Dear Rareform,

It is time for you to remember why this company was founded in the first place.

You started off as a small and sustainable business, sourcing your materials locally by using billboards from greater Los Angeles areas. You highlighted small artists and raised awareness for topics like mental health.

What changed? Did the expansion of your brand cause you to lose sight of why you started your company in the first place?

Though this might seem harsh we are asking these questions because we, as consumers and Gen Z, were able to witness a change in your company. We commend you for creating a company with a sustainable vision, but it seems as if you have replaced what made your brand special with methods that merely serve the purpose of profit and consumerism. While we acknowledge that expansion is important and can oftentimes be a vicious cycle to fall into, your company needs to take a step back and be reminded of why it was founded in the first place.

Working together with corporations such as Coca Cola is NOT acceptable. Knowing their stance on sustainability and the minimal efforts they're taking to ensure a long-lasting future for our environment there should be NO partnership at all.

Sustainable brands should not be working with companies such as this.

Apart from this partnership the production process of your surf bags is NOT sustainable. Transporting them to stitching factories in Mexico and China, whilst not providing any information about these facilities creates mistrust and a lack of transparency. Do you really care about sustainability? Because using transport and manufacture methods such as this would suggest otherwise...

Hiding this side of your company does not mean you aren’t guilty.

Take care,
Gen Z

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