Plastic Periods? Not anymore!


Summer Wyatt-Buchan

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June 14, 2021

All aspects of contemporary life are filled with plastic pollution and the menstrual cycle is no exception. It is most likely that your tampons come wrapped in plastic, with plastic strings hanging at the end, inside will be a plastic applicator. Also common would be the thin layer of plastic hidden within the absorbent part. If you use pads, unfortunately they tend to use even more plastic, in the base, the synthetics used to soak up fluid and also sadly the packaging. However, ladies, there is a way to fight this crisis and combat the landfill created from our monthly cycles. The answer is the Mooncup! A menstrual cup that we love dearly. 

We support the Mooncup because of many reasons. It is made of medical grade silicon, one of the most abundant elements on Earth, and contains no dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins. This means that it is super healthy to use! The cup can be washed and reused which makes it a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional tampons or pads and are disposable (say goodbye to the unnecessary plastics!!!). Mooncup reduces a lot of wastes from sanitary products and is cheaper compared to buying tampons. We love a good price because not only is it good for the wallet but it makes products more accessible! The product design really embraces sustainability considering its reusability and long product life. We love it!

It is crucial to debunk the stigma around the menstrual cycle. Women bleed and that blood needs somewhere to go. Its time to support sustainable menstrual products and move towards both a socially responsible and environmentally friendly future! So, why not give the Mooncup a go?!

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