Plant-based products do not equal sustainability


Elena Konstanty

This or That

June 28, 2021

While plant-based milk products are often the better option for both the environment and animals, it is easily forgotten that the supply chain, manufacturing process and who makes it still plays a large role within this industry. So no… plant-based foods or drinks do not automatically ensure sustainability.

Keeping that in mind, there will be a small disclaimer:
We rate the individual products NOT the industry as a whole.
We acknowledge that there are plenty of benefits to plant-based diets compared to dairy products.

Now, with 1.5/3 planets on the Voiz sustainability reviews Alpro Oat milk definitely isn’t one of the worst products to buy but also not one of the best in terms of sustainability. Where it falls short is in the category ‘who makes it’. Although being a Belgian brand, it is owned by the French multinational corporation Danone which has been accused of hypocrisy alongside Unilever and Coca Cola. The company was called out for being a large polluter and lobbying against plastic pollution initiatives in areas where legislations have not started yet (such as in African countries or the US).

This is NOT ok.

Straus on the other hand has a smacking 3/3 planets in the reviews. The company uses environmentally friendly practises and values their employees. They even dedicate a page on their website to showcase each member of their work community and encourage them to share their stories of being employed at Straus. We love it when companies actually care about their employees.

The people working to make a product are just as important as the content and packaging of the product itself. This should not be forgotten!

The purpose of this comparison is not to encourage people with vegan diets to suddenly start drinking milk, or discourage non-vegans from pursuing a plant-based diet, but to show how consumers have to carefully choose the products they buy. Unfortunately it is never as easy as saying ‘I only buy plant-based food so I am sustainable’ and instead takes a lot more effort.

However, don’t let this dishearten you! There are other more sustainable plant-based products you can buy … check out the reviews to find better options ;)

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