Period Products That are Good for Your Health and the Environment!


Taylor Ford

Show them Love

August 19, 2021

Products that are good for your health tend to go hand-and-hand with products that are good for the environment, and this is evident with TOTM’s period products!

TOTM’s pads and tampons are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, fragrance, and dye-free. They are mostly made from organic cotton rather than plastic, which can comprise up to 90% of other period products. Yes, you read that correctly, your tampons could be 90% plastic. Yikes.

Not only are the actual products better for your body and the environment, but all packaging for the products is also either compostable or recyclable!

TOTM is actively trying to reduce their carbon emissions while simultaneously offsetting the emissions they do produce. They are even working with ClimatePartner, a third-party company to help them with this so they can become completely carbon neutral!

I’m always wary when a company says they offset their carbon emissions, as that often means they aren’t even trying to reduce their emissions in the first place. They would rather just push that responsibility onto another organization. But TOTM is doing just the opposite!

It’s so relieving to see a company ACTUALLY working to make a difference internally, instead of outsourcing that responsibility.

The only qualm I have with TOTM is that they are more expensive than the unsustainable alternatives (not surprising), which makes it inaccessible to so many people. TOTM did donate their products to charities that provide period products to frontline workers and schools during the pandemic. Other than that, there really is no way for people to get TOTM’s products if they can’t afford them.

TOTM, you’ve got the transparency and effort down, but now we want to see accessibility!

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