No Longer Stuck on Band-Aid Brand


Taylor Ford

Sustainability 101

August 3, 2021

Band-aids are a crucial addition to any home first-aid kit. Whether it’s to protect yourself from blisters, a scrape from a biking accident, or a simple paper cut, band-aids have always been there for us!

Until recently, I didn’t realize that “Band-aid “isn’t the product’s name, but the BRAND Band-aid. The name for the product is actually “adhesive bandage,” but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, so band-aid it is!

Band-aids are obviously, single-use and there’s not really a way around that. Maybe you could get a reusable bandage, but you would need some heavy-duty disinfectant for that to be sanitary, and it seems like way too much of a hassle for a minor injury.

The adhesive used in standard band-aids, whether brand name or store brand, causes an allergic reaction to 1 in 4 people! So not only are band-aids not particularly great for your skin, but they are also extremely harmful to the environment. Most band-aids are made from plastic, meaning they rely on the fossil fuel industry and never break down.

Needless to say, it’s time to make a switch!

Patch adhesive strips allow for a sustainable, zero-waste alternative to traditional band-aids!

Not only are they hypoallergenic (no more irritated skin!), they are made from 100% organic bamboo fiber, making the band-aid compostable! The bandaid is also wrapped in paper, meaning all the packaging is compostable as well!

Of course, no company is perfect, but it’s great to see a genuinely zero-waste alternative to such a popular product.

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