NEWYES Notebook: The New No


Taylor Ford

Excuse me. What?

August 19, 2021

No company can truly call itself sustainable if there's no transparency.

The NEWYES reusable notebook provides a paper-free alternative to your everyday notebook. Now, this may sound great, but the company needs to work on its transparency.

NEWYES provides little to no information about what their products are made of. Instead, they try to convince us that they are sustainable solely by including a calculator of how many trees they’ve saved. I think most people already know that a paper-free alternative saves trees.

Yes, it’s great to see less wasteful alternatives to popular products, but sustainability isn’t just about producing less waste.

It’s about the materials used to make the product. It’s about how those products are made. It’s about how the workers are paid and treated. And most importantly, it’s about how transparent the company is about these things, the good and the bad.

When the author of this review, Sophia, contacted NEWYES about their lack of transparency, all they had to say was:

“Yes, our product aims to keep our environment sustainable, we used recycled materials and we have a factory working with us, they're well paid and safe.”

I mean, it’s nice that they actually answered the questions, but come on, could they BE any more vague?!

NEWYES is a small company, and I do believe they are genuinely trying to be sustainable. But NEWYES needs to know that if they want to be sustainable, they need to be transparent.

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