Minimal Doesn’t Mean Sustainable


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

August 18, 2021

Dear Calvin Klein and Cheryl Abel-Hodges,

Calvin Klein is a leader in minimalist fashion. However you chose to shape your brand, others will follow so you can’t be surprised when we ask you to step up to the plate and create sustainable goals for Calvin Klein.

You don’t even have a sustainability page on your own website! People have to look towards your parent company, PVH, to find any sort of information about your sustainability efforts. Most people don’t even know who your parent company is ( I certainly didn’t until I started writing this), so they’re not even gonna be able to find the very little information there is about sustainability. 

PVH only makes blanket statement sustainability reports about all the different brands they own, rather than any sort of brand-specificity, so we have no idea how any of these actions apply to Calvin Klein. 

PVH says they source half of their cotton sustainably (idk why they can’t source ALL their cotton sustainably but ok), but does any of it go to Calvin Klein? We don’t know cause you don’t tell us!

Transparency about production processes? Nothing! Are your workers being treated fairly? Who knows!

You do have a “sustainable” line of clothing, CK Reconsidered, which uses Refibra jersey, a biodegradable blend of wood fibers and recycled cotton. Besides the fact that you still have ZERO information on the production of this line of clothing, you have clearly shown us that you are capable of developing better alternatives without sacrificing quality, yet you make the conscious choice to continue producing unsustainable products. 

Ms. Abel-Hodges, you’re not fooling anyone, we know this is simply an effort to avoid accountability, and it’s not going to work.


Gen Z

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