lululemon, it’s time for more effort


Lauren Stiles

DM the CEO

July 25, 2021

Dear Calvin McDonald of Lululemon,

We don’t plan on waiting for you begin your sustainability initiatives. It’s time to start now.

75% percent sustainable sourcing by 2025 is not enough.

Also, since the materials used in your leggings are derived from fossil fuels, you should really switch fabrics. Nothing made from fossil fuels can be considered sustainable, which I am sure you know. I hope you are planning to address this issue in your plans for 2025, which should be released publicly.

I recognize that it is not easy to start with new materials. Your current materials are popular enough, so why change?

Here’s why. Fossils fuels are by no means renewable resources and they will run out soon. The processes of turning these fuels into fabrics are extremely energy intensive as well. AND the materials you use release microplastics each time they go through the wash. These microplastics inevitably make their way into streams, rivers, lakes, and the ocean, harming both freshwater and marine ecosystems.

It’s not enough for you to make vague claims about sustainable sourcing goals and other initiatives. We need more from you, especially transparency and a stronger commitment to sustainability. Calvin, I urge you to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of Lululemon’s products. You can start with releasing a plan for your sustainable initiatives and by moving away from fossil fuel derived fabrics, or at least using recycled synthetics instead of creating new ones.

All the best,
Generation Z

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