It’s time for Amazon to reKINDLE with sustainability


Elena Konstanty

DM the CEO

July 17, 2021

Dear Jeff and Amazon,

At this point it’s really no secret anymore that your workers are treated with no sense of respect and humanity, but we thought you could at least try and be more sustainable in other parts of the company. Boy how we thought wrong…you haaad to lack transparency too and make hardly any efforts to change that.

If you weren’t aware, being transparent is one of the most important components of sustainability and yet you manage to blatantly ignore it. What’s up with that? Were the poor labour practices not enough? Well your behaviour is NOT going to cut it anymore and it’s time for Amazon to take accountability for their actions. Above all, it’s time for Amazon to change.

Especially when looking at the Amazon Kindle it becomes clear how far off you’ve drifted from sustainability. Apart from the fact that newly-made plastic is already bad enough, you also put no effort into explaining where you get it from (I mean really? nothing you want to share at all?). There’s also no information about where the raw materials for the Kindle’s flex circuit connectors, wireless cards and controller boards are sourced or manufactured. How can we trust your products to be sustainable if your entire manufacturing process is swept under the rug?

To be honest it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your sourcing and manufacturing can’t be environmentally friendly or socially just. Otherwise why try and hide it?

Start owning up to your mistakes, Amazon, and maybe there will be a way for you to redeem yourself.

Take care,
Gen Z

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