How on earth is animal testing sustainable?


Elena Konstanty

Sustainability 101

June 28, 2021

When looking at the brand ChapStick, a go-to product for thousands of consumers, it becomes brutally clear that the fight against animal tests is far from over. While it isn’t really a secret anymore that beauty products can be manufactured without animal testing, brands such as this blatantly continue to do so.

Their excuse? Animal testing is “needed” to ensure the safety of their products.

However, this is far from the truth. After all, many vegan beauty brands manage to sell safe products just fine. So what’s really behind this animal cruelty? Well, in reality companies use the fact that they’re testing their products on animals as a way to protect themselves from when they are sued by harmed consumers. However, using animals merely to defend yourself in court is neither sustainable nor morally right.

Beauty brands NEED to shift away from this mentality!

Also, what many people seem to forget is that animal tests are extremely unreliable, which means that companies can pretty much sell any product they feel like. Even products that poisoned or blinded animals are often put on the market. How is this okay?? Not only is the facade of animal testing dangerous for consumers, but puts animals through unnecessary cruelty!

So, even though it might look like ChapStick uses vegan-friendly ingredients, it only covers up the fact that the company is deeply rooted in an industry filled with animal abuse. Buying from them is NOT an option.

Animal testing protects no one!

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