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Elena Konstanty

DM the CEO

July 17, 2021

Dear Agit Global,

With 0 planets in every section of our sustainability review there aren’t really many positive things we can say about your company’s products. To be honest the only thing that seems remotely sustainable is your proclaimed care about the ocean and even that’s fishy. Now, before you think we forgot about your groundbreaking sustainable initiatives… we didn’t. We just aren’t naive enough to believe that recycling trash in your offices and having an on-site garden makes you magically sustainable. It doesn’t change the active behaviour of your company and pretending otherwise only makes your case worse (I mean come on seriously… a garden??).

Start reflecting and re-evaluating your stance on sustainability.

For one, is it really necessary to make your products in Thailand when they’re only sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands? You’re not even selling them whre they're made. How can this be considered eco-friendly? More importantly, how are you not embarrassed about the large amounts of carbon emissions produced during the shipping process? Is there really no better way to do this?

Then again, your company stands out with its utter lack of information on the manufacturing process, so why should we be surprised? Whether it’s the actual production process or the working conditions of your employees, the limited transparency can only mean one thing: unjust and dangerous conditions are involved. We are here to tell you that Gen Z does not support your current actions and hopes for dramatic changes in your company’s mindset.

Now’s the time to change!

Take care,
Gen Z


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