Fast Tech, what do you think you're doing???


Meg Ponting

DM the CEO

July 14, 2021

Dear Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and other fast tech companies generally, 

I am looking to speak with you in regard to you and your company’s views on sustainability and what you are doing currently, or will do in the future, to tackle this on going crisis. As I am sure you are aware, the current situation we find ourselves in is nothing short of terrifying. Time is running out to deal with the climate crisis before it is too late, but it is apparent that many companies, such as yourselves, are simply not prepared to make the necessary alterations to how they go about producing and selling their products. As a young person seeing these issues continuing to grow and be ignored by those in power, I am outraged at the lack of discussion and true action to combat these issues.

Why is it that the companies with the economic advantages that will be able to make the biggest difference are amongst the worst for ignoring the matter and pushing the blame onto every-day citizens for using single use water bottles? Why can you not see the long term gain from making the switch to being truly sustainable?

Apple, I speak to you now directly.

Your website emphasises your mission to be green by 2030, but what steps are you taking to reach this milestone? More than that, are you aware that just because the production and sale of your products is green does not mean that the every-day use is? Is that blame to once again be shifted to the consumers of your products? These questions must be addressed.


With software in phones and other devices not even two years old to slow their systems down, pushing your customers to buy new, how can you claim to be sustainable? By very definition, sustainability needs to be enough for all, for always. If a two year old phone designed to only last that long so a customer has to buy a new model at ever increasing prices, that cannot be sustainable. This network of fast technology for your company’s economic benefit boils down to the fact that corporations do not care about the environment and that the green-washing statements like your 2030 goal is just supplying your customers with what they want to hear to keep them from complaining and or avoiding your products.

I would love to hear your thoughts and receive an extensive list of what you are truly doing to achieve your 2030 green promise, as well as the reason behind your fast tech systems if there is one deeper than the surface level economic gain.

Generation Z


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