Face Masks aren't Going Away


Alyson Gessner

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July 7, 2021

You’re probably sick of talking about and researching and shopping for face masks—I know I am. But the fact is that even though some states and countries are starting to lessen COVID-19 restrictions, the pandemic and masks are far from over. Even when the pandemic is nothing but a bad dream, we might see masks as a commonplace in society. How nice would it be to never get sneezed on by a stranger in a supermarket again?

Before I continue, I want to pause to point out that if you never want to talk about COVID or masks again, that’s fine. Go get vaccinated (if you’re eligible and able to) and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Vaccinations are the way out of this pandemic.

Let me paint you a picture: you’re sick of buying masks and cringing at the amount of waste they’ve produced over the past year. Your reusable masks are more resource intensive to produce and you probably lose them just as often as your disposable masks. How are you supposed to protect yourself while still protecting the planet? The answer is Surfrider.

Surfrider is a surfing brand that is dedicated to protecting the oceans, waves, and beaches. Their masks are made of organic Pima cotton produced by Known Supply, and they are transparent about which countries manufacture the Known Supply’s materials. Surfrider manufactures the masks themselves in Seattle. If you’re familiar with Voiz you know that we won’t put up with fuzzy supply chains, and Known Supply is one company we approve. They are a certified B-Corp and Fair Trade certified, as well as dedicated to connecting their consumers with the laborers who make their products.

The impact of Surfrider as a brand, however, extends beyond their product. At first glance it might just look like an ethically-sourced face mask (which should be enough to draw your attention on its own). But if you look at the company themselves, you’ll realize that they directly campaign to protect the oceans. As Voiz Sustainability Analyst Hannah Karlsrud reported in her review, “Since Surfrider’s creation in 1984, they have had 34 federal, 43 regional, 131 state, and 499 local victories with ocean and coastal conservation related campaigns.” This is huge! Purchasing a mask from Surfrider is an incredible way to make a statement with your purchase. And if your collection of face masks is still too huge to justify adding any more, then I encourage you to check out Surfrider’s other products as well!

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