Exponential Growth Does Not Have to Mean Exponential Impact


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

July 7, 2021

Dear Jemina Ty and Blackbough Swim,

I’m sure you weren’t expecting the brand to take off this quickly, and I understand how that can be overwhelming but come on, there is NO need to resort to greenwashing.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the key to true sustainability is... TRANSPARENCY!! And Blackbough does the exact opposite of this.

Please tell me, who manufactures your swimsuits? What is your so-called “regenerative” fabric really made of? What is the true impact of your business on the environment? There is absolutely no information about any of this on your website, which makes me suspect you’re part of the fast fashion industry. When you first started Blackbough Swim, it was just one girl hand-making swimsuits by herself. Now that you have gained international popularity, you seem to have forgotten your roots.

You know, it IS possible to continue sustainable practices as your business grows. Considering the price and popularity of your items, I think you have the capability to make it happen.

We want to see your goals for sustainability and the steps you will take to achieve those goals. We don’t want some half-assed attempt at a single “sustainable” swimsuit collection. We want ALL of your items to be sustainable. We want transparency in ALL aspects of your business model. We want honest and aggressive action to fight climate change.

Gen Z

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