Dear ExxonMobile...


Sophia Robinson

DM the CEO

July 14, 2021

Darren Woods ExxonMobil Corp CEO,

Why did you become CEO? Was it a personal motivation, did you want to change the company or simply wanted a bigger pay-check?

I know that ExxonMobil produces a lot of different chemicals most of them from crude oil, tell me, do you know where all of the raw materials for your chemicals come from? Have you been there to the mines and the oil rigs and met the local people? Check in on the children and the fish? Do you understand the impact that your business has on the environment and the people around it? Are you taking measures to mitigate this and support the families that you have affected? Do you know about your employee benefits? Do they (and by they I mean all in your supply chain not just in air conditioned American offices) have safe working environments and receive fair pay?

I would hope the answer to at least one of these is yes, you do know and you have been there, not just because it’s your job but because you genuinely care about the conditions your employees work and live in.

I also hope that you know about the environmental impact of your company, the carbon emissions, and the other pollutant it produces and how many people that will hurt in the future if you continue to mine, pump and burn oil in this way.

I know you are still big in on the oil game but I truly believe it is not too late to change . I know that you lost $22 billion dollars last year, and that was no accident, amid failed oil fields and climate activists such as myself yet an overwhelming burden to pay shareholders makes for a bad business model wouldn’t you say?

Luckily quite a lot of people have solutions to your problem, going by the name of renewable energy and bio fuels. It is high time you cut your loses and transferred to what is the future of energy and chemicals; one that is sustainable enough to ensure your profits for generations and one that will not endanger the lives and livelihoods of your children.

My greatest fear is that you have all this power and responsibility but you are not willing to help the world change for the better. You must act now, and reduce your carbon emissions otherwise the world will burn and sadly your company along with it.

And I’m not sure that would be too good for paying your shareholder dividends

Generation Z

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