Dear Everspring...


Summer Wyatt-Buchan

DM the CEO

June 14, 2021

Dear Brian Cornell, CEO of the Target Corporation (and therefore Everspring),

Everspring is a Target-owned brand and therefore the environmental impact of their products are you responsibility. Slapping a label here and there showing it’s “recyclable” and "USDA certified" is not proving anything except that Target is not new to the greenwashing business. In case you were not already aware, greenwashing is the process of conveying a false impression or giving customers a misleading information concerning how environmentally sound a product is. This is conscious deception. You are lying to your customers. You are pretending to be green. It is time to take responsibility and accountability for your actions. To bring out any type of eco-friendly line and not have it actually be for the environment even if catering to human beings is disrespectful. It is dishonest and fraudulent. Target now looks desperate, as if they are trying to fit in or be with some type of “green trend.”  Whilst your Evergreen Hand Soap may be a good temporary solution for cleaning our hands, it is not so much for earth.

Target has the money and power to change, and you have the influence to make this change possible. Please take action whilst there is still time to do so. Be honest, be transparent and stop hiding behind false claims of sustainability. 

Take Care, 
Generation Z

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