Crocs and Overconsumption


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

August 3, 2021

Dear Andrew Rees and Crocs,

You have built your empire off overconsumption, so you can’t be surprised that we are a little bit wary when you begin to talk about actions towards sustainability.

Crocs are made from the material, Croslite, which is derived from crude oil. Not only are the Crocs themselves unsustainable, the jibbitz that allow Crocs to be customizable are ALSO made from crude oil. This combination of a large variety of different colored Crocs and thousands of jibbitz to chose from is deadly to the environment, and you have no intention of solving this massive problem!

If you want to be a truly sustainable company, your sustainability goals have to be DETAILED and AGGRESSIVE, considering you basically have to redesign the entire shoe. As of right now, your commitments straight up do not align with the changes you have to make.

Mr. Rees, it’s so obvious you’re more concerned about serving your investors than serving the environment. You don’t care about sustainability. You only care about profits.

If you want to prove to us that sustainability matters, you’re gonna have to come up with a new plan.

Gen Z


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