Compostable Does NOT Equal Sustainable


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

June 26, 2021

Dear Wesley Ng and Casetify,

If you’re not transparent, we’re gonna assume you’re hiding something, and I have a hunch you are. Trying to trick consumers into thinking you’re a sustainable company because you created a “compostable” phone case isn’t gonna work. 

In case you guys didn’t know- Casetify’s “compostable” phone case isn’t the kind of compostable you can just throw out into your everyday compost bin, no no no it has to be composted in an industrial facility where it will take AT LEAST 180 days to break down. Not very impressive if I do say. How does one even ensure that their phone cases are going to one of these industrial facilities? 

Not only do you use the word “compostable” very VERY loosely, you and your company completely lack even just a singular SPECK of transparency. You make all these claims saying you care about sustainability, yet provide absolute zero information on how your products are made. You even have the nerve to make a “Staying Transparent” tab on your website where you claim to be open about everything you’ve done, which is just a straight-up lie... like WTF?! 

Who makes your products? Are they paid a living wage? Do they get fair hours? How much energy does the production of these phone cases use? Who’s to say, because you certainly don’t. 

This is one of the biggest cases of green-washing I’ve ever seen, and considering the millions and millions of dollars you put into advertising (I don’t think I will ever be able to escape Casetify ADs), you can definitely afford to invest in TRUE sustainability.

Gen Z

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