CEO Passionate About the Environment, But Only When He Wants to Be


Taylor Ford

DM the CEO

August 19, 2021

Dear Daniel Neukomm and O’Neill,

It’s time to get with the times and start thinking about the sustainability of your products. For years, the surfing industry has somehow managed to avoid switching to sustainable practices, but we’re not gonna stand for that anymore.

There is absolutely nothing on your website stating how your products are made, where you source your materials, or how your workers are treated. Literally nothing. No wonder you got a 0/3 for your Voiz rating, there was nothing to review!

I’m astonished by the complete lack of effort to think about sustainability. If you think about it, the more climate change wrecks havoc on our oceans, the fewer people are gonna surf. So it’s definitely in your favor to start thinking sustainably, quick.

We’re not asking you to be perfect right off the bat. We just want to see transparency and genuine effort. Mr. Neukomm, your LinkedIn says you're passionate about skiing, mountaineering, and surfing, so you know the value and beauty that nature provides. You know you have the power to shift O'Neill into the sustainable market, yet you don't.

If O’Neill doesn’t step up to the plate soon, surfers will take their business elsewhere, to a company that cares about the environment.


Gen Z

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