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Lauren Stiles

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July 8, 2021

Sunscreen is a staple during the summer months. It’s also essential pretty much any other day of the year if you are trying to protect your face from sun damage. Unfortunately, not all sunscreens are the same when it comes to environmental impact. It is extremely important to consider the ingredients of a particular sunscreen since a few of the most common ingredients in suncare products, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been proven to promote coral reef bleaching, a stressful process which can lead to the death of the coral. A full list of potentially harmful chemical is attached below from All Good’s website.

It is easy to make the assumption that just one sunscreen application will not make a difference for the health of reef systems around the world. The ocean is big and a couple teaspoons of chemicals won’t make a difference, right? Wrong. It is actually estimated that 6,000 tons of sunscreen wash up on coral reefs around the world EVERY YEAR. This means that the chemicals used in our sunscreen products have the potential to wreak great havoc on reef systems everywhere. Therefore, it is vital for the sunscreen industry to move away from harmful chemicals in order to support the survival of coral reefs which already face threats from warming ocean temperatures, ocean acidification, and rising sea levels.

One recommendation I can share for a sunscreen that is free of reef harming chemicals is the All Good SPF 30 Mineral Tinted Sunscreen. Let’s show them some love! All Good is a company that sells reef safe sunscreen and deserves recognition for its combined use of reef safe non nano zinc (its active ingredient) and organic botanical ingredients. The calendula in the sunscreen is even sourced from their own farm. This kind of local sourcing is a sustainable strategy that I would love to see more companies adopt. All Good is setting an excellent example here!

All Good is also a woman-owned and run company, which is important to note. Their production facility is managed by and staffed by women as well. I am glad to see a company that makes an effort to establish a sustainable product and supply chain while supporting women in roles that are often occupied by men. Some more love for All Good <3

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